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Rebranded terms from Acceptto to Arculix

Formerly known as Acceptto, Arculix by SecureAuth is a next-generation identity and access management solution. Arculix improves security, increases efficiency, and enables passwordless, continuous authentication capabilities.

The following table maps terms, concepts, and features that you know from using Acceptto to new terms, concepts, and features in Arculix.




It'sMe mobile app

Arculix Mobile app

Renamed Arculix Mobile, this mobile app connects with the Arculix multi-factor authentication (MFA) service to make logins more secure.

Arculix Mobile generates login passcodes and sends you a push notification for one-tap authentication on your mobile device.

Acceptto Device Trust

Arculix Device Trust

Arculix Device Trust adds intelligent multi-factor authentication (MFA) to Windows and MacOS desktop logins through its proprietary AIML Risk Engine.

eGuardian Cloud Platform

Arculix by SecureAuth

Renamed Arculix, this platform provides passwordless continuous authentication to monitor user behavior, transactions, and application activity to verify if access attempts are legitimate or a threat.

eGuardian Cloud IDP

Arculix SSO

Renamed Arculix SSO, this is a multi-tenant service that supports SAML single sign-on (SSO).

Users access a host URL path (for example,{organization-slug}) and are redirected to their organization's application portal which shows all integrated SAML applications.

eGuardian Dashboard

Arculix Overview

Renamed Overview in Arculix, this intelligent dashboard provides real time visibility to key metrics, insights into total number of logins, and a break down of logins by system, applications, data stores, and use of multi-factor method options.

eGuardian Policy and Risk Engine

Arculix Policy and Risk Engine

The Arculix policy engine allows you to define an action to be executed when a specific condition is met for the specified event.

The Arculix risk engine is responsible for calculating the level of assurance (LOA) for each transaction. LOA will be used by the smart MFA module to decide whether to increase or decrease the friction for the user.

eGuardian Role-Based Access Control

Arculix Role-Based Access Control

Role-based access control (RBAC) in Arculix has several defined roles to help you manage access within Arculix.

The roles are: User, Help Desk, and Organization Admin.

Acceptto Federation

Arculix Federation

Arculix integrates well with third-party applications whether you want Arculix as your IdP for SSO or to maintain your legacy IdP for SSO.

Acceptto LDAP Agent

Arculix LDAP Agent

The Arculix LDAP Agent provides a means of integrating an enterprise's Active Directory service with Arculix and other services, such as single sign-on (SSO), that require authentication or user details.

Acceptto RADIUS Agent

Arculix RADIUS Agent

The Arculix RADIUS Agent provides a RADIUS server solution for authenticating your users.