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Arculix Device Trust administrator guide

It’s more necessary than ever to secure login requests to corporate accounts in order to block unauthorized access to sensitive assets and ensure trust in enterprise endpoints. Traditional binary authentication solutions (such as passwords) remain a source of end user friction, support cost and are the primary source of enterprise breaches. In order for organizations to protect themselves, intelligent multi-factor authentication (MFA) is critical.

Arculix Device Trust™ (Device Trust) adds intelligent multi-factor authentication (MFA) to Windows and macOS desktop logins through its proprietary AIML Risk Engine. It supports corporate and BYOD devices, secures logins to local workstations as well as remote console sessions, is easy to deploy, and can ensure that only trusted devices access sensitive information.

This guide outlines the product architecture, what is supported, and how to deploy and use the product. This along with the Device Trust Test Plan provides a guide to system administrators to plan integration, test, and deployment of Device Trust to the enterprise users.

For compatibility information, see Arculix compatibility guide.