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Federation: Integrate with third-party IdP provider

Arculix integrates well with third-party IdP providers, should you want to stay with your legacy IdP.

The following describes examples of integrations with Okta and Ping Identity.


There are two options to integrating Arculix with Okta as an IdP.

Ping Identity

There are two options to integrating Arculix with Ping Identity as an IdP.

  • PingFederate plugin. Arculix provides a PingFederate plugin that can be installed and configured on a PingFederate server.

  • Direct SAML integration. A more advanced option is to use a direct SAML integration with the Arculix cloud-based SSO portal. This gives you some flexibility to integrate the SAML flow more tightly to fit your needs.

Both solutions work best with Arculix LDAP Agent installed on your network to facilitate logins. In some use cases, you can avoid this, but it prevents Arculix from applying policies based on group membership.