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Bring the Arculix passwordless solution to your workstations

To protect your organization's accounts and endpoints, it is critical to secure login requests and establish root of trust.

Arculix Device Trust adds intelligent MFA to Windows and macOS remote desktop and local workstations. It also extends the zero trust framework to both corporate and BYOD devices. Device Trust is secure, easy to deploy, and ensures that only trusted devices can access sensitive information.

Device Trust has three main functions:

  • Provides telemetry and hygiene of the endpoint to the Arculix backend.

  • Handles lock/logout commands and pushes offline login activity when the device comes back online.

  • Replaces the login progress for the Windows or Mac workstation through the credential provider plugin.

The available factors can be configured through the backend.

Watch how quickly you can download and install Arculix (formerly Acceptto) Device Trust and use MFA or passwordless login to a workstation.

You might need to engage your IT support team to help with some installation prerequisites like the following:

  • Administrative access. Have admin access to workstations.

  • Arculix Mobile app. Have it downloaded and installed on the mobile device.

  • Firewall and proxy settings. In the firewall/proxy application(s), allow these URLs:


  • Anti-virus exclusion. To prevent your antivirus programs from blocking agent communications, in the antivirus allow list, add Arculix Device Trust (ATAgent process).

  • Group Policy (GPO) settings like clock sync, user tile, and so on. Authentication relies on accurate time. Use a central time service to sync the workstation and mobile device.

  • List of users on macOS. On macOS, Arculix requires the login screen to be configured with List of users. This setting is enabled by default when installing Device Trust.

Take note that your IT team handles the automated deployment steps during the pilot and through lifecycle management. They might use enterprise tools like Microsoft InTune, Windows Autopilot, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Apple Enterprise Management (Jamf) and so on, for standard IT push and configuration process best practices.

Detailed flows about direct PC OEM or Apple shipment to employee address and user provisioning without involvement from an IT team are also available.

The following list of videos show more features and capabilities of Arculix Device Trust: