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Revoke user workstation

As an administrator in Arculix, you can revoke user ownership of a workstation.

For example, you can revoke a workstation from a user account so that another user can pair the same workstation (with the same local user account). An administrator with Help desk permissions (at minimum), can revoke workstations.

Another example is your organization has some laptops that were already paired and they want to give them to new users. You can look up the workstation by its ID and revoke it. You must have server or super admin permissions to access Active Admin and revoke by workstation ID.

As a side note, to completely offboard a user instead of using the revoke workstation option, use the Offboard User API.

  1. Log in to Arculix and from the left navigation, click Users.

  2. In the list, for the user account you want to reset, click the pencil icon.

  3. On the Edit user page, scroll down to the Workstations section, find the workstation and click Action > Revoke Ownership.