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Arculix Device Trust prerequisites

To install Arculix Device Trust on a given workstation, it requires the following:

  • A mobile device with the Arculix Mobile app installed and registered with Arculix via an email account.

  • The following URLs in the anti-virus / firewall Allowed list.

    Note that Arculix Device Trust communicates with the Arculix cloud on TCP port 443*

    • wss://


  • The Arculix Device Trust Agent (ATAgent process) in the Allowed list for any installed antivirus program.

    This prevents antivirus software from blocking the agent communications.

  • The workstation and mobile device are synced using OS time sync settings.

    Authentication requires accurate time.

  • On macOS, Arculix requires the login screen to be configured with ‘List of Users’. This setting is enabled by default when installing. For more information, see Configure macOS / Windows 10 login screen. Note that the same requirement applies for Windows 10 via GPO setting.

*To maintain the Arculix service performance and high availability, IP-based rules that restrict outbound access to Arculix cloud through destination IP addresses aren't recommended, as IP addresses may change over time.