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Adaptive Authentication Realm Settings Endpoint


Use the /adaptiveauth PATCH endpoint to enable and configure IP / Country Restrictions, IP Reputation / Threat Data, User / Group Restrictions, Geo-velocity, and User Risk policies / scores.


1. (OPTIONAL) Have special SecureAuth IdP license to use SecureAuth Threat Service analysis functionality / services for SecureAuth IdP version 9.2

Contact SecureAuth Support for more information or to upgrade

2. Complete the Enablement and Header Steps in the Admin API Guide

3. Have access to the application code that calls to the API endpoint(s)

4. Integrate a membership and profile directory(s) with SecureAuth IdP (Data Realm Settings Endpoint)

/adaptiveauth Endpoint


The following endpoint is prepended with the URL, https://<SecureAuth IdP Domain>/api/v2/realms/<realm ID>

Adaptive Authentication Settings /adaptiveauth PATCH Endpoint


Use this endpoint to enable and configure the realm's adaptive authentication settings, including IP / Country Restriction, User / Group Restrictions, Geo-Velocity, IP Reputation / Threat Data, and User Risk.

HTTP Method



SecureAuth IdP version




Adaptive Authentication v2 (SecureAuth IdP v9.2)