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Cisco Secure ACS 5.4 Integration Guide (RADIUS)


Use this guide to configure the integration of Cisco ACS 5.4 with SecureAuth IdP.


1. Have a properly licensed and configured Access Gateway

Access Gateway Enterprise Edition or equivalent is required

2. Have the Public Address for VIP

NAT works as well

3. Have RADIUS Service configured on SecureAuth IdP with OATH realm to support OTP only

4. Have the SecureAuth IdP OTP app installed on mobile devices, and have mobile devices registered with SecureAuth IdP

Cisco ACS Configuration Steps

Configure Identity Store


1. Log into Cisco Secure ACS through the web interface at https://<server-name>/acsadmin

2. Select RADIUS Identity Servers from the External Identity Stores section, in the Users and Identity Stores menu

3. Select Create



4. In the General section, provide a Name for the new RADIUS Identity Server

5. Set the Hostname AAA to the Hostname or the IP Address of the SecureAuth IdP appliance

6. Set the Shared Secret to the same Shared Secret set in the SecureAuth IdP Web Admin

7. Set the Authentication Port to the defaulted 1812 unless a different one is being used

8. Set the Server Timeout to 30 seconds to make up for slow connections

9. Set the Connection Attempts to the defaulted 3 unless another amount is preferred

10. Click Submit


For multiple SecureAuth IdP appliances, repeat steps 2 - 10 for each one

Configure Access Service

Access Services


11. From the Cisco ACS admin console, select Access Services from the Access Policies menu

12. Select Create

Step 1 - General

13. Set the Name for the new Access Service, e.g. SecureAuth

14. Select User Selected Service Type, and select Network Access from the dropdown

15. Check Identity and Authorization from the Policy Structure options

16. Click Next

Step 2 - Allowed Protocols

17. Check Process Host Lookup

18. Check Allow PAP / ASCII from the Authentication Protocols options

19. Click Finish

Service Selection Rules


20. From the Cisco ACS admin console, select Service Selection Rules from the Access Services section in the Access Policies menu

Service Selection Rules

21. If no rules already exist, then select Rule based result selection


22. If an existing policy is being modified, select that policy; otherwise, select Create to make a new one

23. Set a Name for the rule, e.g. SecureAuth

24. Select Protocol, match from the dropdown, and then set it to RADIUS

A simple rule like this can be utilized, or a complex rule can be created based on device, group, IP Address, etc.

25. Click OK

Client Device Configuration

If client devices are already authenticates against the ACS Server, then no client changes are required

For a new installation, refer to the ACS Documentation