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Getting started with SecureAuth IdP Web Admin


Once the SecureAuth IdP appliance is successfully deployed, you are ready to learn how the Web Admin console is used to configure SecureAuth IdP for use by your organization.

Contact the SecureAuth Project Management Office to discuss connecting SecureAuth IdP to your corporate database.

Project Management Office:


Before configuring the SecureAuth IdP Web Admin console, be sure you have:

Learn to use the Web Admin

As of SecureAuth IdP version 9.3, the New Experience user interface platform has been introduced in the SecureAuth IdP product. Initial tools in this release include:

New Experience and Classic Experience

Get started using the Web Admin by learning about the features available in the New Experience.

If you previously used the Web Admin, the information in this section will help you understand naming conventions in the new user interface, and where to go to configure components configured in the Classic Experience.

Learn about the Classic Experience

The Classic Experience user interface in SecureAuth IdP version 9.3 includes all features available in the previous version of SecureAuth IdP, with a few new additions, as specified in the release notes.

Follow these steps to properly familiarize yourself with the Classic Experience SecureAuth IdP Web Admin console:

1. Get to know the Web Admin

2. Configure the Admin realm (SecureAuth0)

3. Configure a blueprint realm to use as a template for all realms

What's next

Once you have a basic understanding of how to use the Web Admin interface in the New Experience and Classic Experience, you can start configuring SecureAuth IdP.

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