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Use Regular Expressions in an Account Update Realm


This page describes the process of implementing Regular Expression (regex) validation in account update (aka self-service) fields. SecureAuth IdP can prevent a user from saving information that does not meet a predefined regex (e.g. prevent a user from using a personal email address in the company email field).

Regular Expression - a sequence of characters that forms a search pattern, mainly for use in pattern matching with strings, or string matching


1. Have SecureAuth IdP version 7.5+

2. Before configuring a Regular Expression, the admin should have a basic understanding of regex building – many online regex builders are available for aid in forming a regex pattern

External Resources

Configuration Steps


To configure the Account Update page to validate a regular expression, follow these steps:

1. In Web Admin, open the Post Authentication tab for the Self Service realm.

2. Click the Configure self-service page link.


3. Locate the Regular Expression column on the right hand side which contains a textbox respective to each field.

4. Add a regular expression which will be used to match user entries.


In the example below, Email 1 must not be a Gmail address and Email 2 must not be a email address.


On the Self-service page, entering invalid expressions will result in the following error messages and prevent the form from being saved.