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Citrix NetScaler / CAG Java issue


After upgrading JRE to 7.45 version the GUI applet for Netscaler/CAG doesn't load. The applet downloading stops at 1% and Java might throw a security error such as Application Error: General Exception ! Name:ConfigApplet


Security Exception Found unsigned entry in resource:


The latest JRE release (7.45) expects the JARs to have some of the new packaging parameters. JARs that don't have the new packaging parameters will fail the Java Security test and will be deemed unsafe. The NetScaler GUI does not have these new packaging parameters, hence will not load.

Resolution / Work Around

  • Use JRE versions less than 7.45 to access the GUI since the NetScaler GUI is not compatible with JRE 7.45

  • If you have upgraded already to JRE 7.45 and wish to downgrade, follow these instructions to uninstall:

  • To install an older version of JRE you can download it from

  • If you wish to use the latest JRE version, follow this workaround:

    1. Go to Java Control panel (configure Java) General Tab -> Temporary Internet Files -> Settings -> Keep temporary files on my computer

    2. Unselect the option.

    3. Close the browser and relaunch the GUI.