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Part II: Installation and setup


Review this document for steps on installing and setting up the SecureAuth IdP appliance(s) in your environment.

Contact the SecureAuth Project Management Office when you are ready to deploy your SecureAuth IdP appliance(s).

Project Management Office:


Before installing the SecureAuth IdP appliance:

Installation and setup

Follow these steps in order to properly install SecureAuth IdP.

1. Install the SecureAuth IdP appliance and power it up.

Select the appropriate guide below, depending on whether the appliance is virtual or hardware:

2. Initialize the SecureAuth IdP Setup Utility.

3. Verify that the appliance is properly communicating with your network.

4. Run the SecureAuth IdP Setup Utility.

5. (optional) If the appliance will be joined to an Active Directory domain, do so now.

What's next

Once the final step is completed, SecureAuth IdP is considered to be successfully deployed.

When you have completed all steps on this page, review the Administration topics and connect SecureAuth IdP to your corporate database. Your Sales Engineer can help guide this process if needed.