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Junos Pulse standalone desktop client receives SAML authentication error


Authentication is rejected by the server for a desktop Junos Pulse standalone client configured for SAML authentication.


SAML authentication for Junos Pulse on a desktop is only supported in certain, specified scenarios.

1. If a realm is configured to use a SAML authentication server instance(Authentication > Auth. Servers):

  • SAML authentication is not supported forJuniper IVE OS 7.X if the user logs on directly to Junos Pulse on a desktop

  • SAML authentication is supported for Junos Pulse on a desktop only if the user first logs on via a web browser and then Juno Pulse is either launched or auto-launched

2. The Pulse client uses EAP for authentication, and therefore will not work with SAML.


Upgrade Juniper IVE OS to 8.0 and Junos Pulse 5.0 and above.