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Unable to install Active X plugin


When enrolling for a certificate, the install Active X page is displayed, but I don't see the yellow ribbon to select and install it.


This can be caused by any of the following reasons.

1. The logged on to the system is not a local administrator. The local user must be a local administrator to install the addon.

2. The version of Active-x addon installed on the broswer by a Group Policy is older than the version that is installed (and configured) on the SecureAuth Realm prompting the installation of the newer active-x version. (if this is the case it is most likely related to the next issue

3. The version of Active-x installed on the secureauth appliance realm does not match the active-x defined on the sysinfo page of the realm on the secureauth appliance. For example. The sysinfo page shows the Active-x version is 4,4,3,0 however the secureauth realm does not have a folder (and file in it) by the name 4430