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Second Help Desk Registration Method Configuration Guide


Use this guide to enable the SecureAuth IdP Second Help Desk Registration Method.

The Help Desk Registration Method option enables end-users to contact the company's help desk system to acquire a one-time password (OTP) to use during Multi-Factor Authentication after identity verification. With the addition of the Second Help Desk Option, companies can provide two separate help desk contacts from which end-users can retrieve an OTP.


1. Create a New Realm or access an existing realm to which the settings apply in the SecureAuth IdP Web Admin

2. Configure the following tabs in the Web Admin before configuring the Multi-Factor Methods tab:

  • Overview – the description of the realm and SMTP connections must be defined

  • Data – an enterprise directory must be integrated with SecureAuth IdP

  • Workflow – the way in which users access this application must be defined

SecureAuth IdP Configuration Steps



1. In the Workflow section, select a Second Factor option from the Default Workflow dropdown

  • Username | Second Factor

  • Username & Password | Second Factor

  • Username | Second Factor | Password

  • (Valid Persistent Token) | Second Factor

  • (Valid Persistent Token) | Second Factor | Password


Click Save once the configurations have been completed and before leaving the Workflow page to avoid losing changes

Multi-Factor Methods


2. In the Multi-Factor Configuration section, under Help Desk Settings, select Enabled from the Help Desk 2 dropdown

3. Provide the help desk Phone number

4. Provide the help desk Email address


Click Save once the configurations have been completed and before leaving the Multi-Factor Methods page to avoid losing changes

End-user Experience


When the end-user is presented the page of Multi-Factor Authentication methods from which to choose, the Multi-Factor Authentication method that was last selected and used in a successful login attempt persists as the default method for the next login in each device / browser


The end-user goes through the configured workflow, and once on the Registration Methods page, the two distinct Help Desk Options appear for selection

Once the Help Desk Option is selected, the end-user Submits the request, and must call or email the Help Desk (as designated on the page) for identity verification

SecureAuth IdP continues the workflow, directing the end-user to the OTP submission page; and once the end-user has verified his / her identity, the help desk provides the OTP, which is then entered into the form