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Use SecureAuth Threat service analysis as a risk check

You can define user access based on specific risk thresholds, using SecureAuth Threat service analysis.

  1. Go to the Adaptive Authentication tab.

  2. In the SecureAuth Threat Service section, move the slider to Enable.

  3. Set the following:

    Failure Action

    For the Extreme, High, Medium, and Low Risk fields, specify the adaptive authentication action SecureAuth IdP takes when the user falls into a specific risk threshold.

    For more information about the actions and its descriptions, see the risk check action definitions.

    IP Whitelist

    Define the IP addresses from which the user is allowed to log in.

    IP addresses can be entered in any of the following formats, separated by a comma:

    • Specific IP address – for example:

    • CIDR Notation – for example:

    • IP range – for example:

    Different formats can be used in the same field. For example, this entry is valid:,,

    Require user to enter username before adaptive authentication occurs

    To require end users to provide their username before analysis by the threat service, select this check box.

  4. Save your changes.