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Page not found error in post authentication upon creation of new realm


After creating a new realm, when attempting to use the realm during post authentication, the following message is received: "HTTP 404 error - Page not found"


A manually created realm will not appear on IIS; therefore the web page will not be served, causing the HTTP 404 error.


1. Be sure to create the new realm via the SecureAuth IdP Web Admin console–> SysInfo tab–> Add New Realm – scroll down to bottom of the screen to find this feature.

If the SecureAuth IdP version being used does not have this feature available, proceed to step 2.

2. If using a version of SecureAuth IdP that does not have the feature described in step 1, clone an existing realm folder and rename it, (e.g. copying the SecureAuth1 folder and renaming it to SecureAuth10 in the file directory D:\SecureAuth), and create the web application in IIS that will point to the newly created realm folder.


For more information on this error and solution follow, see SecureAuth IdP Java Troubleshooting