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Citrix NetScaler Multi-Data Store Integration Guide (SAML)


Use this guide to enable Single Sign-on (SSO) access via SAML to Citrix NetScaler in a Multi-Data Store setup.


1. Have Citrix NetScaler 10.X for SAML Support

2. Configure a Multi-Data Store Web Service on SecureAuth IdP

See Web Service (Multi-Data Store) as Additional Profile Provider Configuration Guide

Citrix NetScaler Configuration Steps

Configure Authentication Servers


1. Go to: Configuration > Netscaler Gateway > Policies > Authentication > LDAP > Servers

2. Under Server, make the following entries for the LDAP server

a. Name

b. IP Address

c. Port: use 636 for SSL

3. Under Connection Settings, enter Distinguished Name and Admin credentials to bind to the LDAP server


Click Retrieve Attributes to ensure accurate LDAP settings

4. Under Other Settings, make the following entries or selection as required

a. Server Logon Name Attribute:samAccountName

b. Search Filter:Add as required

c. Group Attribute:CN

d. SSO Name Attribute:UserPrincipalName

e. Security Type:SSL

Create Authentication Policy

5. Go to: Configuration > Netscaler Gateway > Policies > Authentication > LDAP > Policies

6. In the Create Authentication Policy window, do the following

a. Name the new policy – e.g.: Domain 1

b. Input the LDAP Server Name that was entered in the Configure Authentication Servers section – e.g. LDAP 1

c. Add the Expression: ns_true

For a Web browser, add an expression such as: "REQ.HTTP.HEADER Cookie CONTAINS DC1"

For a Citrix Receiver, add an expression such as: "REQ.HTTP.HEADER User-Agent CONTAINS CitrixReceiver"


Repeat these steps for other LDAP servers to be used to authenticate users

e.g.: LDAP 2, LDAP 3

Configure NetScaler Gateway Virtual Server


7. Go to: Configuration > Netscaler Gateway > Virtual Servers

8. In the Configure NetScaler Gateway Virtual Server window, do the following

a. Enter the Virtual IP Address (VIP) to be used for Multi-Data Store authentication

b. Click the Authentication Tab

i. In the Authentication Policies table, reorder the SAML policies to place the one with the highest priority first (i.e. the lowest number)

ii. Add the policies for LDAP that were created subsequently

Other NetScaler Configurations

Active Directory Group Extraction


9. Configure the NetScaler appliance for the Active Directory Group Extraction and enable clients to access the NetScaler VPN based on the Active Directory groups

a. Access Configure Authentication Server for the LDAP server and modify Other Settings for these fields

i. Maximum Nesting Level: Enable the maximum nesting level as required

ii. Nested Group Extraction: Enable

iii. Group Name Identifier: samAccountName

iv. Group Search Attribute: memberOf

v. Group Search Sub-Attribute: cn

Published Applications


10. If using a Multi-Data Store with Published Applications, modify session policies as follows

a. Go to: Configuration > Netscaler Gateway > Virtual Servers

b. Click the Policies Tab

c. Open the Profile

d. In the Configure NetScaler Gateway Session Profile window, click the Published Applications Tab

i. Uncheck Single Sign-on Domain

ii. Repeat for all the Policies using Published Applications

NetScaler Troubleshooting

Log onto NetScaler using Putty or similar application and type the following command to check the logs

cat /tmp/aaad.debug