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Procedure to obtain a lost Windows Key

Applies to

SecureAuth IdP


This document describes how to obtain the Microsoft Windows License Key for a SecureAuth IdP appliance if it is lost.


Locate the License File

Before contacting SecureAuth support, try to locate your license file using the instructions below:

  • Hardware Appliances

    If you have a hardware SecureAuth IdP appliance, then a license sticker is affixed to the unit. Look underneath the appliances cover for the official Microsoft license sticker.

  • Virtual Appliances

    If you have a virtual SecureAuth IdP appliance, the email you received with download instructions contains the Windows license code. Review the email for the license code.

Request the License Code

If you are unable to locate your license code using the instructions above, follow the instructions below to request the license code from support.

  1. Open a new ticket with SecureAuth support by calling +1 949.777.6959 option 2.

  2. Attach the CertSummary.txt file to the ticket. This file contains licensing information about your appliance and will help the support representative in their research. The CertSummary.txt file is located at D:\MFCApp_Bin.


If you are unable to locate the CertSummary.txt file you can provide a screenshot of the License Info section in the System Info tab as an alternative.