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Hardware: Install and power-on the SecureAuth IdP appliance


Follow these instructions to install the SecureAuth IdP appliance in your environment.


  • Complete a pre-deployment meeting with your Sales Engineer.

  • Review and complete the pre-deployment requirements section of Part I: Pre-installation.

Set up the SecureAuth IdP hardware appliance

1. Connect the power and NIC1 cables to the SecureAuth IdP appliance.

TIP: It may be helpful to connect a KVM or console to configure the TCP / IP stack on the appliance. By default, the appliance is configured to use DHCP for IP address assignment.

2. Power on the appliance.

3. The Operating System Setup begins; the following notices display on the screen while these processes complete:

  • Setup is installing devices

  • Setup is starting services

  • Setup continues after restarting your computer

4. On the next boot, the Setup Windows dialogue appears.

What's next

When you have completed all steps on this page, proceed to Initialize the SecureAuth IdP Setup Utility.