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Cisco AnyConnect Integration Guide (RADIUS)


Use this guide to integrate the Cisco AnyConnect client with SecureAuth IdP using RADIUS. SecureAuth IdP seamlessly integrates with Cisco ASA providing Multi-Factor Authentication via various registration methods.


  • Configure the SecureAuth RADIUS Service v20.12 running on the SecureAuth IdP appliance with Cisco ASA added as a client

  • Configure the SecureAuth OTP application successfully

  • Have Cisco ASA AnyConnect and access via ASDM

Cisco AnyConnect Configuration Steps

Connection Profile


1. Log into Cisco ASA via ASDM

2. Navigate to Configuration > Remote Access VPN > Network (Client) Access > AnyConnect Connection Profiles

3. Click to Add a new or Edit an existing Connection Profile

Add / Edit AnyConnect Connection Profile


4. Provide a Name for the profile

5. In the Authentication section, click Manage to create an AAA authentication for the profile (SecureAuth RADIUS)

AAA Server Group

6. Under AAA Server Group, click Add

7. Enter a name for the AAA server group and set the Protocol to RADIUS

AAA Server


8. Select the newly created AAA Server Group, and select AAA on the bottom section to add the server name

9. Select the ASA interface that communicated with SecureAuth IdP from the Interface Name dropdown

10. Set the Server Name or IP Address to the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or IP Address of the SecureAuth IdP appliance

11. Set the Timeout to 60 seconds

12. Set the Server Authentication Port to 1812

13. Set the Server Accounting Port to 1813

14. Set the Retry Interval to (recommended) 10 seconds

15. Set the Server Secret Key to the SecureAuth RADIUS Shared Secret

16. Uncheck Microsoft CHAPv2 Capable

Client Profile


17. Navigate to Configuration > Remote Access VPN > Network (Client) Access > AnyConnect Client Profile

18. Click to Add a new or Edit an existing Client Profile

AnyConnect Client Profile Preferences (Part 2)


19. Configure the profile as preferred (if new)

20. In the Preferences (Part 2) section, set the Authentication Timeout (seconds) to 60

AnyConnect Client Profile Server List


21. In the Server List section, click to Add a new or Edit an existing server list

Server List Entry

22. Set the Host Display Name to the host name of the Cisco ASA

23. Set the FQDN or IP Address to the FQDN of the Cisco ASA

24. Click OK