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Cisco ASA - Requesting Identity Certificate


Use this guide to request an identity certificate from Cisco ASA.

Installing an identity certificate on the ASA using ADSM is not complicated; however, there are specific details to know to avoid errors.


1. Have a Cisco ASA VPN and access to the ADSM admin console

Cisco Configuration Steps


1. Log into the Cisco admin console, and select Preferences under Tools



2. Check Preview commands before sending them to the device

This will enable review of the information that will be contained in the certificate before it is created

3. Click OK

Identity Certificate


4. In the admin console, select Remote Access VPN under Configuration, and expand the Certificate Management menu

5. Select Identity Certificates

6. Click Add

Add Identity Certificate


7. Set the Trustpoint Name or leave as default

8. Select Add a new identity certificate

9. Select the Default RSA Key from the Key Pair dropdown, or click New... to create a new one

For this configuration, the default key pair is selected

10. Click Select... in the Certificate Subject DN section

Certificate Subject DN

11. Select Common Name (CN) from the Attribute dropdown, and set the Value to the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the Cisco ASA appliance

12. Click Add>>

13. Select Company Name (O) from the Attribute dropdown, and set the Value to the company's name

14. Click Add>>

15. Select Country (C) from the Attribute dropdown, and set the Value to US (or other if necessary)

16. Click Add>>

17. The new attributes and values should be present in the right-hand field

18. Click OK

19. The Certificate Subject DN field should now contain the attributes and values that were created in the previous steps

20. Click Advanced... to ensure that the FQDN is correct


21. Click Add Certificate

22. A preview window will appear, and ensure that the fqdn and subject-name are correct

23. Click Send if the configuration is correct, and an Identity Certificate Request window will appear

24. Choose a location in which to save the file, and click OK

Install Identity Certificate


25. In the Identity Certificates homepage, once a reply has been received, select the identity certificate and click Install

26. The Install Identity Certificate window will appear

27. Click Browse and locate the certificate file, and click Install Certificate