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Multi-Factor Authentication Realm Settings Endpoint


Use the /multifactor PATCH to enable and configure multi-factor authentication methods to use during login.


1. Complete the Enablement and Header Steps in the Admin API Guide

2. Have access to the application code that calls to the API endpoint(s)

3. Integrate a membership and profile directory(s) with SecureAuth IdP (Data Realm Settings Endpoint)

4. (OPTIONAL) Integrate an SMTP Server for Email Multi-Factor Authentication methods (Overview Realm Settings Endpoint)

/multifactor Endpoint


The following endpoints are prepended with the URL, https://<SecureAuth IdP Domain>/api/v1/realms/<realm ID>, if running SecureAuth IdP v9.1 – in which realm ID is the ID number of the realm to configure –

or https://<SecureAuth IdP Domain>/api/v2/realms/<realm ID>, if running SecureAuth IdP v9.2 or later

Multi-Factor Authentication Settings /multifactor PATCH Endpoint


Use this endpoint to enable and configure the realm's multi-factor authentication methods used by end-users during login.

HTTP Method



SecureAuth IdP version



v9.2 or later