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SecureAuth Authenticate App Troubleshooting


This article discusses troubleshooting techniques for resolving issues with functionality on the SecureAuth Authenticate App.

Applies to

All versions of SecureAuth Authenticate App 4.x - 5.x

Push Notification / Push-to-Accept Notification Issues

These issues have been resolved for users who either enroll their app accounts for Push Notifications or Push-to-Accept Notifications as a Multi-Factor Authentication method, or use either of these features on the app

NOTE: SecureAuth only supports a single concurrent login for any push notification-based authentication method

Issues Affecting a Single User or a Few Users

Verify push notification enablement on the device

The push notification setting must be enabled for the app on the device before, during, and after enrolling the account for push notifications to ensure the value is written to the data store

After making this enablement for the app on the device, re-enroll the account for push notifications

Verify the correct time / time zone is set on the device

The time may be correctly set on the device, but the time zone may be incorrectly set

Verify the user account on a different device

Have the user access their account on a different device to see if the account is faulty

Verify Push Notifications / Push-to-Accept Notifications can be received via WiFi

If the app can receive Push Notifications via WiFi, then it is possible the device:

...does not have reception outside of the WiFi


...cannot receive Accept / Deny requests

Issues Affecting Multiple Users

Verify the SecureAuth IdP Web Admin Data tab is correctly configured


1. On the enrollment realm of the Web Admin, verify the settings are correct on the Data tab

2. in the Profile Fields section, confirm the correct Field is mapped to the OATH Seed Property and / or Push Notification Tokens Property, and that the Property is Writable

Verify certificates are valid and trusted

Check the binding certificate to verify it is valid and publicly trusted

Check to see that the root certificate and intermediate certificate are both trusted on the device used for enrolling the app account

Verify the SecureAuth IdP Web Admin System Info tab Push Notification URL


1. In the WSE 3.0 / WCF Configuration section on the System Info tab, ensure the Push URL is correct

2. Ensure the SecureAuth IdP appliance can communicate with the cloud

Check for common issue patterns

Take note of any similar issues among users with similar devices – Android, iOS – or users in certain groups, etc., when troubleshooting the cause of these issues


Contact SecureAuth Support for further assistance troubleshooting issues with SecureAuth Authenticate App