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Custom .ASPX pages for PFX redirects

Optional Advanced Configuration

These optional configuration features are intended for advanced technical users. Failure to implement these code changes precisely as directed below can result in the malfunction of SecureAuth Appliance.

Should your entity/enterprise have questions referencing these steps, contact SecureAuth Support for assistance:

Front-end Javascript browser redirect -- checkjre.aspx

Firefox redirect to PFX realm

if (useragent.toLowerCase().indexOf("firefox") >= 0)
window.location = "../secureauthX/secureauth.aspx";

Back-end Visual Basic browser redirect -- checkjre.aspx.vb

 If Request.UserAgent.ToLower.Contains("ipad") Or Request.UserAgent.ToLower.Contains("iphone") Then
 Response.Redirect("../secureauthX/secureauth.aspx?userid=" + Page.Session("SSL_USERID"))
 ElseIf Request.UserAgent.ToLower.Contains("safari") Or Request.UserAgent.ToLower.Contains("firefox") Then
 Response.Redirect("../secureauth2/secureauth.aspx?userid=" + Page.Session("SSL_USERID"))
 End If