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SecureAuth Identity Platform RADIUS Server admin console, v20.06

Access the RADIUS Server admin console at http://localhost:8088/configuration. The user interface is restricted to local machine access by default:

  1. Step A: Configure the Settings tab.

  2. Step B: Click the IdP Realms tab to add or edit Authentication API realms to be used with the RADIUS server.

  3. Step C: Click the RADIUS Clients tab to add and configure settings for the RADIUS clients.

Create additional SecureAuth Identity Platform RADIUS servers to back up the configuration

To simplify the task of creating additional SecureAuth IdP RADIUS servers, export the configuration to a .cfg file and import it on the target SecureAuth Identity Platform RADIUS server. The .cfg file can also be used to back up the configuration. See Export or import the RADIUS configuration, v20.06.

WARNING: If the .cfg file is imported via the RADIUS admin console server, the configuration made on the Settings tab, IdP Realms tab, and RADIUS Clients tab will be overwritten by the configuration in this file.