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Export or import the RADIUS configuration, v20.06

The saved RADIUS Admin Console configuration can be downloaded as a .cfg file via the Export Settings function.

Use the Import Settings function of the RADIUS Admin Console:

  • To restore the RADIUS backup configuration to the same SecureAuth IdP.

  • To expedite configuring RADIUS server on another SecureAuth IdP.

Export RADIUS configuration

You can export the RADIUS configuration from version 2.3.9+ to 20.06.xx.

1. In the Syslog Settings section, click Export Settings.

NOTE: If there is no configuration to download, this button is enabled but will return an error if clicked.

2. Download the .cfg file that contains settings configured on the RADIUS Admin Console.

NOTE: The .cfg file can be imported into a new or existing RADIUS Admin Console to overwrite the current configuration .


Import RADIUS configuration

1. In the Syslog Settings section, click Import Settings.


2. In the Import Settings window, click Choose File.

3. Browse to find and select the .cfg file configured on the RADIUS Admin Console containing settings to be uploaded to this RADIUS server.

NOTE: Clicking Apply Settings immediately overwrites the configuration on server Settings, IdP Realms, and RADIUS Clients tabs of the RADIUS Admin Console.

4. Click Apply Settings to import the configuration from the .cfg file, or click Cancel to close the window.