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Citrix NetScaler RADIUS OTP Configure Guide


Use this guide to configure Citrix NetScaler to utilize a SecureAuth IdP Mobile One-time Password (OTP) as the user's password via RADIUS.

When the OTP password is accepted, the Access Gateway will send forward a successful authentication to the configured resources.


1. Have a properly licensed and configured Access Gateway

Access Gateway Enterprise Edition or equivalent is required

2. Have the Public Address for VIP

NAT works as well

3. Have RADIUS Service configured on SecureAuth IdP with OATH realm to support OTP only

4. Have the SecureAuth IdP OTP app installed on mobile devices, and have mobile devices registered with SecureAuth IdP

Citrix NetScaler Configuration Steps


A VPN Virtual Server is required for this integration

1. Log into the Citrix NetScaler AGEE admin console, and select Virtual Servers under NetScaler Gateway

2. Select the appropriate Virtual Server to use for this integration, or click Add to create a new one

See below for Virtual Server creation steps

Server Certificate


3. Open the Virtual Server, and click on the Server Certificate option


4. Select the SSL Certificate to be used from the Select Server Certificate dropdown; or click the + to install the certificate (see below)

5. Once the SSL Certificate is selected, click Bind

RADIUS Authentication Policy


6. In the Virtual Server, click the + in the Authentication section to add anAuthentication RADIUS Policy


7. Select RADIUS from the Choose Policy dropdown

8. Select Primary from the Choose Type dropdown

9. Click Continue


10. Click to + in the Select Policy section to create a new RADIUS policy

11. Once the policy and profile are created (steps 12-21 below), click Bind

Create Authentication RADIUS Policy


12. Provide a Name for the new RADIUS policy

13. Click the + in the Server section to create a new RADIUS server

14. Select the newly created RADIUS server (steps 17-21 below) from the Server dropdown

15. Create an ns_true Expression

16. Click Create

Create Authentication RADIUS Server

17. Provide a Name for the new RADIUS server

18. Provide the Server Name or IP Address

19. Set the Port to 1812 (as configured on SecureAuth IdP)

20. Select pap from the Password Encoding dropdown

21. Click Create