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Forgot Username page configuration

The Identity Management (IdM) tool in SecureAuth® Identity Platform (formerly SecureAuth IdP) contains the Forgot Username page for end users to retrieve forgotten user IDs.

The Forgot Username page allows end users to give information associated with their data store account to get their username to log in to a protected resource.

Each protected resource page can include a Forgot Username URL link that appears on the login page for the resource. Clicking the link redirects the end user to the Forgot Username page. They enter their information in a defined field like email address, or phone number to confirm the account identity.

Upon validation of the account identity, it sends an email containing the username to the user.


  • A realm for the Forgot Username page with the following tabs configured before setting up the Post Authentication tab:

    • Overview

    • Data

    • Workflow

    • Multi-Factor Methods

Data store configuration

To configure the Forgot Username page, go to the configuration section appropriate for your data store.

Forgot Username page configuration

After completing the above configurations applicable to your data store type, do the remaining steps.

  1. Go to the Post Authentication tab.

  2. In the Post Authentication section, set the following.

    Authenticated User Redirect

    Set to Forgot Username.

    Redirect To

    This field is autopopulated with the post authentication .aspx page. This is appended to the domain name and realm number in the web address bar. For example, Authorized/ForgotUsername.aspx.

  3. In the Forgot Username section, choose how to deliver the username to the end user (Display on Page or Send in email).

    This is the email stored in the data store attribute mapped to the Search Attribute field, or the User ID stored as the UserName in SQL-type data stores.

  4. Save your changes.

Other form modifications

Client-side form modification

To change the end user login page to show "Email" (or whatever is preferred) instead of "Username".

  1. In the Forgot Username page realm, go to the Overview tab.

  2. In the Advanced Settings section, click the Content and Localization link.

  3. In the Verbiage Editor section, search for the following fields and make these changes.


    Change Username: to Email:

    You can use another term if preferred. This displays on the first login page, prompting the user to give their user ID.


    Change Username: to Email:

    You can use another term if preferred. This displays on the next login page, prompting the user to give their password.

    Make these changes only if the Forgot Username page login workflow has the username and password on separate pages. The Username / Email field is greyed out and displays the information entered on the previous page.


    Change Username to Email Address.

    You can use another term if preferred. This displays as a placeholder on the first login page that goes with the text box for useridview_userIdLabel.

  4. Save your changes.