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What's new

SecureAuth IdP version 9.2 includes new features and Web Admin adjustments to enable the new features and improve the user experience.


Be sure to clear the browser cache when installing SecureAuth IdP version 9.2, or when upgrading from an older version of SecureAuth IdP to version 9.2

9.2 New Features

  • Adaptive Authentication Support for Multiple Third-party User Risk Score Providers

  • Login for Endpoints Supports Secure, Passwordless Logins on Mac or Windows Machines

  • YubiKey HOTP Supported as a Multi-Factor Authentication Method

  • Third-party Library Components Upgraded System-wide

Overview Tab Changes

Look and Feel Section Changes


In the Theme dropdown:

  • The 2012 and Legacy themes are deprecated

For appliances upgraded to version 9.2, if either the 2012 or Legacy theme was implemented prior to the upgrade, that theme will be converted to the 2016 Light theme

  • The 2016 Dark theme is not available on new appliances

For appliances upgraded to version 9.2, the 2016 Dark theme still appears as a menu option


Refer to this document for more information:

Languages Section Changes


The Select Language File dropdown has been renamed Default Language – SecureAuth IdP will use this language even if the end-user's browser is set to another language


The end-user's browser language settings determine which language appears when the end-user uses SecureAuth IdP, unless the Default Language is set to a different language

If the browser language is set to a language not supported by SecureAuth IdP, then the appliance will use the Default Language setting – note the default for this setting is English

For more information, see Language localization support


Refer to this document for more information:

Verbiage Editor Section Changes


The new Language File to Edit dropdown lets you select a language so you can use the Verbiage Editor to configure freeform text that appears on designated pages

Once the language is selected, the Verbiage Editor fields show text in that language which can be edited


Refer to this document for more information:

Adaptive Authentication Tab Changes

The Adaptive Authentication tab includes sections for each of the options, instead of tabs

The new look and feel uses toggle switches to enable / disable options


Refer to this document for more information:

SecureAuth Threat Service Section


The IP Reputation / Threat Data section for SecureAuth Idp version 9.1 does not appear in SecureAuth IdP version 9.2

In version 9.2, the SecureAuth Threat Service section appears – this feature is available with the Threat and Detect packages

Failure actions have been renamed:

  • Continue Adaptive Authentication, formerly Disable

  • Refuse authentication request, formerly Hard Stop

  • Redirect to realm or URL, formerly Redirect

  • Require two-factor authentication, formerly Step up auth

  • Skip two-factor authentication, formerly Step down auth

  • Resume authentication workflow, formerly Resume

  • Skip to post-authentication, formerly Post auth

User Risk Section Changes


In version 9.2, user risk analysis involves the use of risk scores – instead of policies – to handle authentication requests

Failure actions are now configurable on the User Risk section when adding / editing a user risk score provider

Multiple third-party user risk score providers can now be added via the user interface in this section

New User Risk Score Provider Window


Use the new User Risk Score Provider window to add or update information when configuring the third-party risk score provider – such as Exabeam UEBA and / or SailPoint IdentityIQ

Risk Ranges are readily configured using sliders

API Tab Changes

API Permissions Section Changes


Selecting the new Login for Endpoints option and clicking Configure Login for Endpoints Installer lets you configure the .json endpoint file, which is combined with the .msi or .pkg file, to be used by Windows or Mac users

A YubiKey HOTP device can be configured and provisioned for use with this feature on a Mac machine, for a seamless end-user login experience to a local / remote machine

System Info Tab Changes

System Info Section Changes


License Expires information has been removed from this section


Refer to this document for more information:

WSE 3.0 / WCF Configuration Section Changes


The following URLs in this section can be configured and updated as necessary, if using the specified feature(s) on this realm:


Refer to this document for more information: