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Resolving "503 Service Unavailable" Error


If you receive a 503 Service Unavailable error from all realms, see the document Transaction Log Service Errors.


User receives a 503 Service Unavailable error when accessing https://localhost/secureauth0/localAdmin.aspx


To resolve "503 Service Unavailable" issues, there are two main items to look at:

SecureAuth0 account

  • SecureAuth0 account must be a member of the local Administrator's group.

  • Ensure the SecureAuth0 account is not locked or disabled.

  • If the appliance has been joined to the domain, ensure there are no GPOs limiting the rights of local service accounts.

SecureAuth0Pool Application pool

  • SecureAuth0 local account/application pool configuration password mismatch. You can run Start > All Programs > SecureAuth > "Refresh_SecureAuth0" to refresh the password and set the application pool.


  • Run Start > All Programs > SecureAuth > "Reset File Perms and Shares" to ensure the basic permissions have been refreshed.

  • If you suspect .NET is corrupt, you can "repair" .NET 4 using the add programs console or downloading it from Microsoft.